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About Moving Interiors in Houston

10400082_56371434539_1403_nI began in 1995 with a pickup truck, a few blankets and a dolly. With determination and hard work, and a resolve to satisfy my customers, I found myself purchasing more trucks and hiring additional staff to meet our growing customer demands. We now have everything you would need to move furniture and boxes safely, efficiently and courteously.  Whether you are in Pearland, Missouri City, Houston, Galveston, Corpus Christie, San Antonio, Dallas or Austin, we can move you to where you want to be.

Personable AND Professional

The owner, Darrell Higgins, will meet with you first to talk about all aspects of the moving process and will give you a free estimate.      It is a great time to meet him, ask him questions that concern you and get a good feel about him and his company and what you might expect from a moving company.  Darrell will get your estimate to you by email, usually the next day.


After 23 years of experience, we know how important personalized and friendly service is.  Our customer’s wants and needs are top priority. We recognize your voice on the phone. We remember details and are committed to follow through. You don’t have to feel anxious about anything. Let us handle all of your moving details for you. Whether you have only a few pieces of heavy furniture or a whole house, we want to ease your Texas moving experience.


Our workers are the key to our success for more than 23 years. The owner, Darrell Higgins, does an extensive interview and personally trains each worker.  He stands by his trustworthy crew and expects that they are courteous, dependable and efficient. If the workers, packers, or drivers for Moving Interiors are not courteous, efficient or dependable, please tell Darrell.  We have hundreds of past and repeat customers who will happily share their experience with you. Call or email us and we will gladly send you a list of good, credible references. ​You can also check us out by reading our customer testimonials on our Testimonials page of this website.   You can also go to Google+ page with over 19 reviews there, or go to Facebook for more reviews.  Find other reviews at the Nextdoor Neighbor app, and Silverlake Yahoo Group(Pearland,TX), and the Silvercreek Tribune(Manvel,TX).  You can also see our reviews and company history on the BBB website.

The Houston Chronical Testimonial

Moving Interiors was featured in the Houston Chronicle in an article about our past performance.

Moving Interiors or www.SmoothMoveHouston.com paid no money, gave no discounts, or any consideration to the Houston Chronicle or any of its affiliates to publish this article about our Houston/Pearland moving company.  In fact, the Houston Chronicle called us after reading about – Moving Interiors – on the internet.

MOVING TIP – start packing 30 days before your move date. Pack 5-10 boxes per night and finish all your packing early. Checking off packing from your busy to do list will remove a huge amount of stress from your life.

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express