Tips for Getting Started on Your Movers’ Search

Finding the right moving company is important

The first thing a customer should do is check with the Texas DMV and see if the moving company has their current movers license.

You can do this by calling   800-299-1700

You can also go to TXDMV webstite

Our movers license is:

TXDMV# 009742774C

US DOT # 1982802

movers unloading truckWe run our company with Godly principles and values. Darrell and his workers are followers of Jesus Christ. Darrell served in the US Navy and US Marine Corps and is a deacon at Second Baptist Church, Pearland,TX.  Integrity, efficiency, and a real work ethic make us a great choice for professional residential moving and packing.


Getting referrals from friends is a good option, but also try to get a few estimates. Keep in mind the lowest price is not always the best mover. Take into consideration referrals from friends and family, company history (has this company been around awhile), moving insurance, training and experience. Unfortunately moving company nightmares are an all too common experience, so picking the right company is crucial. Also, know that no reputable moving company will make you pay before all work is completed.

Start to Finish

We make sure we have done all work including clean up, before we ask for payment.  We do require a deposit for your move.  We understand things in life happen that sometimes no one can  control.         If you have any questions about our services, or to get in touch with Darrell, call us today at

(832) 277-6269 or email us:

Darrell would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

There is a clear distinction from our competition

Getting something from Point A to Point B – efficiently and safely is what we do best.  We do it better than anyone. We have real time experience and this gives us a clear advantage over our competition.

When we see a large new or antique furniture piece, we discuss how we will move it first. We will then disassemble it (if needed) and wrap it with plastic. After we have a safe plan, we then carry out that plan with experienced men who have careful strong hands, and the right quality equipment, including an assortment of dollies, ramps, moving pads, and hand tools.

Remember, we started this business since 1995, that’s 28 years of moving experience. Experience in moving, packing, driving, loading, lifting, and unloading our customers furniture and household goods.  Having the right moving knowledge to be able to handle problems and ask the right questions when the situation arises.    We have the right trucks (with the proper power) and moving van trailers that are insured, maintained, and kept clean. That means timely inspections, oil changes, tire changes, and other proper maintenance. Whether you have a few boxes or an entire house, whether you’re sending belongings across Texas or across town, we have the right people at the right price.

Here is a link to the Houston Chronicle article in the Ultimate Pearland section on March 28, 2012 that talks about Moving Interiors.

MOVING TIP – Make at least 5 boxes at a time, you will be much more likely to finish packing those boxes than had you not made them before you started.